Chris Hanna

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Charles River Analytics

Charles River is a java-house company in Cambridge, MA that does all kinds of work in the Defense market. They specialize mostly in Artificial Intelligence work. I spent two summers and a winter break working there as a Cognitive Systems Intern. My job there was to drive development on an ongoing internal project that had lost most of its staff. I learned an incredible amount about java, OSGi, and ANT. I spent a lot of time maintaining the existing code base, and slowly making large architecture changes. I also created some additional software from scratch, including a system that integrated Twitter's STORM technology with Charles River's internal data structures.

Worcester Polytech

I've worked as a student assistant at Worcester Polytech for 3 years. In the Fall semesters, I help teach a course in the Global Problems Seminar program. These classes are for Freshmen students, and ask them to tackle real world problems like food sustainability and education equality. I also work for the CS department, running Computer labs, Office Hours, and grading homework. I've enjoyed helping students in both the humanities and the CS departments.