Chris Hanna

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Every student at Worcester Polytech must complete a Major Qualifying Project (MQP). I worked with another student, Dan True, to build a 2D game editor called Whiskey2D. We wanted to make an editor for the fun of it. After 21 weeks of development, we wound up with a nice usable product. Whiskey2D was written in C#, and uses MonoGame for the underlying graphical support.


A couple of years ago, I created a game called Track. I brought Track to the first Boston Festival of Indie Games in 2012, and won an award of 'Most Indie Game'! I loved showcasing Track for the hundreds of people who came to the Festival. Track is a local multiplayer game full of fun physics madness. I wrote it in C# and XNA before XNA was retired by Microsoft. I'm hoping to continue working on Track when Microsoft makes their Xbox ONE dev kits available.

Rogers Lesson

Every student at WPI has to complete a project in the Arts department. I decided to complete mine by creating a short video demonstrating some simple computer science topics. I wanted to target the video towards young people, so I went for a light hearted and cartoony vibe.


One Summer I thought, 'I want to make a puzzle game'. Fast forward to that Fall, and I had a game called Zero. Zero was written for XNA, and was almost released. I made Zero before the days of Steam Greenlight, and after having a demo build rejected by Desura, I dropped the project. In Zero, the player has to rearrange simple math expressions so that they equate to zero. I had fun finding an artsy feel for a pretty simplistic game.

Side Projects

I like to keep myself busy. I'm a strong believer in the old adage that 'Idle Hands do the Devil's work'. So I usually always have a side project running. I like writing little tools to speed up my development cycle, or simple games to test out new ideas. Most recently, I've been building an Arcade Machine. I'm using wood for the case, and powering it with an old windows XP machine.

The control board of my Arcade Machine The Arcade Machine playing Raptor, Call of the Shadows