Chris Hanna

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Eagle Scout Project

For my Eagle Scout Project, I led a group of scouts and other youth to build a set of dry walls in the basement of the First Congregational Church in Natick, MA. The walls are the beginning of a youth room. The church building is very old, and the basement's ceilings were very low. The most difficult part of the project was working in the tight spaces of the basement. I assigned teams of at least two people per task. Since each task had a small group size, it was easy to stay focused. Each team had to interact with the other teams in order to achieve their goals. The measuring crew had to give dimensions to the supply team, who then had to cut the studs and dry wall to give to the construction teams. Every half hour or so, I would rotate the teams through the different jobs to make sure people stayed fresh. With this pipeline workflow, the work was accomplished quickly, and efficiently.

I'm watching a couple hard workers make measurements for the next stud. A set of studs that have been placed. The stud team is installing more studs. The cutting team is working hard! Lets take a break.

West Virginia Camp

Every June for the past five years, I have traveled to a small missionary camp just outside of Huntington , WV to help make houses warm, safe, and dry. It is a week long event in which the volunteers are split up into work crews of four or five. Through out the week, each crew is given a construction job at one of the local's houses. The jobs usually consist of building steps, decks, replacing shingles, fixing plumbing, and repairing broken walls or windows. In my five years, I have built 3 decks, a twenty foot ramp, a back porch, replaced a floor, repaired a ceiling, extended a tin roof, replaced a shower, and shingled a roof. Teamwork is essential on these jobs, and so is a good work ethic. The biggest skill I have taken away from Work Camp is to be a hard worker.

A brand new set of back door steps. They were using a stack of cinder blocks before this. Marcus comes outside to see his new front porch! A new bathtub and shower siding. Before we put this in, the entire tub sank when you stood in it.