Simple Visual Level Editing Lighting and Shadows Stunning Effect Controls
Whiskey2D's level editor Whiskey2D's lighting system Whiskey2D's effect system
Whiskey2D's Editor is simple, yet advanced. At its heart, its just a simple drag 'n drop editor. You can drag in art assets and objects from the left, arrange them visually, and custom their properties. Objects can be scaled, moved, rotated, and snapped to a customizable grid. The Editor supports beautiful 2D lighting effects. You can create terrific lit worlds using our lighting system. The shadowing is incredibly customizable as well, allowing you to control the intensity and style of individual shadows. Every Level has its own custom bloom, intensity, and saturation configurations. But if that isn't enough to make your Level shine, you can add edit, compile, and use your own custom HLSL shaders! Through Whiskey2D's Layer system, you can specify exactly what your shaders should control. The sky is the limit.

Whiskey2D is an open-source 2D game creation tool-kit for MonoGame. The primary goal behind Whiskey2D was to write a game tool-kit that was simple in essence, robust, and highly extensible. If you'd like to make changes to Whiskey2D, you can jump right into the source code, hosted at GitHub.
In a Whiskey2D game, every thing is a GameObject, and every GameObject runs Scripts. Creating a GameObject will automatically add it to the Whiskey2D service. The GameObject will be tracked and updated by the tool-kit. This means that all the developer has to do to create interesting objects and behaviours is to create GameObjects and Scripts. Head over to the Docs page for tutorials.

Whiskey2D was written by Chris Hanna and Daniel True for a senior project at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.